Ode To Be Spineless

I’ll waddle up to children and they’ll all run and scream

I just wanted a hug I wasn’t trying to be mean

But folks call me unlovable because I show my spines

Boy life sure can be lonesome when you’re a porcupine

I’ll go up to any lion and it won’t stick around

Grunt at any bear even it won’t stand its ground

But I’m awfully small and really only trying to be kind

Boy life sure can be painful when you’re a porcupine

Oh if I were spineless they’d come and play with me

They’d pet me with their paws and rub me with their teeth

They’d roll me up in little balls and have their fun with me

As a spineless porcupine how simple life would be

Approach me when my spines are down but rub me the wrong way

It won’t matter if I’m calm you still won’t want to play

But you chose to go against the grain I’m relaxed and fine

Boy life sure can be backwards when you’re a porcupine

I can’t help but stick to things whenever I get scared

This wouldn’t be a problem if my spines were only hair

But I’m built the way I am so I guess I shouldn’t whine

Boy life sure can be prickly when you’re a porcupine

Oh if I were spineless they’d pet me up and down

They’d tell me I was very good and have me stick around

They’d put their arms around me and lift me off the ground

As a spineless porcupine simplicity would be found

Simple, yes I’m sure of it, the humans would indulge me

Feed me all I wanted, make my stomach big and bulging

Then one day they’d call me to the kitchen as they dine

I’d ask them what’s for dinner and they’d answer “Por — cu -” Ahhh!

This is one of many poems/stories from my book, “but i don’t drink coffee…” which you can find here on Amazon.