Collaboration — A Path To Better Outcomes

Most businesses consider collaboration a fundamental practice in their organisation. For example:

  • factory workers work as a team to manufacture goods
  • colleagues collaborate on presentations
  • management work together to form a business strategy

Collaboration seems to be the go-to working style for teams within an individual business. But, it’s not a working style used across multiples businesses.

It’s still rare to see different business working together on day-to-day business

But, collaboration is one of the key trends in modern business. As the world becomes more complex — Brexit, Trade War, financial challenges — businesses will have to work together to succeed. This is definitely the case for international trade

Collaboration in international trade

In fact, an importer and exporter must work together to complete an international order. Some examples of this are importers and exporters collaborating to:

  • negotiate the order
  • coordinate product inspections
  • exchange payment for customs clearance documents

Most people assume that there is a hierarchy between the importer & exporter and that one of these parties is “in power”. But actually,

both importer and exporter need to collaborate in order to exchange payment for goods

Collaboration in Tallysticks: Trade Partners

In a previous post we said there are very few, if any, software solutions that simplify international trade. Tallysticks simplifies international trade by recognising that importers and exporters must collaborate to complete orders.

At Tallysticks, we call importers and exporters trade partners and there is no hierarchy between them

Trade partners use a common platform to collaboration on the same order. This enables a collaborative working style where both trade partners are always looking at the same information which leaves little room for errors.

A collaborative working style makes order negotiation and order completion straightforward and transparent. And transparency builds trust which makes for better business partnerships.

What do you think?

Collaboration is fundamental part of our philosophy at Tallysticks but what do you think? Do you work together with your customers and vendors ? Do you think you should? We would love for you to share your experiences on how you collaborate and why.

Tallysticks Beta

Tallysticks is an intuitive web app that requires no download. The app makes buying and selling internationally simple. First, it guides you through the process of creating the order. The moment the order is agreed, the application automatically generates a bespoke execution schedule indicating deadlines and delivery dates. Tallysticks is launching its Beta in September 2018 — to learn more please visit our website.


Nitesh Srivastava

COO, Tallysticks

Tesh has always wanted to rebuild complex processes. After studying French and German at UCL, he worked for a Technology Accelerator in Berlin and then moved on to improve his understanding of complex, multinational businesses and systems at KPMG.

Tesh coordinates business units at Tallysticks to ensure customer needs are met and that the team is happy and healthy. In other words, he does the heavy lifting in the office. So, it’s no surprise that Tesh also likes lifting heavy weights when away from work. When not lifting, Tesh loves a good debate.