How To Make Your B2B Sales Truly Digital

Buying and selling goods in a B2C context has become digital. Amazon, eBay, and countless others allow you to find whatever you want, compare prices,pay and organise delivery in “one-click”.

Buying and selling B2B goods appears to also be truly digital but for bulk B2B goods, it’s not.

Social networks and services like Alibaba allow you to discover and purchase new products from new suppliers on the other side of world. This is often fine (but still not perfect) for small quantities of B2B goods. But, when you try and do the same thing with bulk B2B goods, it becomes clearer how unsuitable these services are.


Because transporting bulk items across international markets is complicated.

Understanding your Incoterms, what documents you need, what your deadlines are, what your logistics partner needs from you, understanding what your buyer or seller needs from you .. the list just gets bigger and bigger. It might get even bigger post-Brexit and during the current Trade War.

But this the real work required to process the international order. It’s not just about finding and sourcing the goods, it’s about ensuring they arrive at their destination. Doing that is not just a lot of work, but the information is often scattered between emails, notebooks, memories. If you’re lucky, you might use some pieces of software but they are often not designed to solve the problem of managing the trade.

A truly digital B2B sale — regardless of its size — requires a digital solution from point of sale right through to point of delivery covering all the steps in between. Saving time on all those steps allows you to make more sales. Making more sales means more growth. More growth means… you get the picture!

So that’s what Tallysticks is.

Tallysticks makes it simpler to buy and sell internationally. How? Because it guides you through the process of managing the order. Once orders are agreed, the software then converts agreed sales orders into a to-do list creating a smoother post-sale process. This is all done in a simple web app that requires no download or complicated learning process.

To learn more about Tallysticks, please visit our website.


Kush Patel

CEO, Tallysticks

Kush has always been one to rip up the playbook, whether at JP Morgan, as a US-diplomat or as an exporter.

Kush brings both international trade and finance expertise to Tallysticks. The application today and its roadmap is a result of his knowledge and ideas. When not thinking about work, which isn’t often, Kush enjoys running. He also plays the occasional round of golf. He’d love to play more but he doesn’t think that would be fair to his wife and amazing daughter.

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