Pure London SS19: What We Learned from the World of Fashion

So this week, we were at Pure London SS19 and we had a great time! Huge shout out to Matteo for helping us out.

We were there for three days and met some great people who were very excited to sign-up to our Beta. Look at our Twitter feed to see what fun the team got up to— we were working, promise!!!

We’re also grateful that our CEO, Kush Patel, could talk about how to make bulk b2b sales truly digital. If you missed it, here’s a TL:DR for you. We also learned a couple of interesting things that reflect wider international import/export problems.

What on earth is this picture, you ask?

Well, it’s a picture of a fashion brand writing their purchase order on a stream of carbon paper. What you don’t see is just how many people at the conference were doing this; just how many orders are still being processed this way; and the fear of losing any single pieces of this carbon paper.

We then asked people why they do this? Have they not thought about using any software (heck, even an spreadsheet) to do this easier? The response we got was “erm, I’m not sure…”

When we asked if they would prefer software to help them on this, the resounding answer was yes!

Memoirs of a Demo

We were then shocked to hear that buyers and sellers considered companies that use computers and software for any part of their back-office process to be sophisticated.

They didn’t think software could even solve their problems.

We demoed Tallysticks to those same people and they were surprised at how simple we made the sales process. They felt Tallysticks could help them build better relationships and to appear as a more sophisticated business.

So what does this all mean?

We wrote about why international trade is so difficult and after meeting more people, we are even more convinced that our software is helpful.

The difficulty is in capturing orders. If you capture orders better, it means you can manage orders better. If you can manage orders better, you process more orders. If you can process more orders, you can trade more.

Visit our website and come speak to us about our September Beta.


Tallysticks makes it simpler to buy and sell internationally. It guides you through the process of creating the order. Once orders are agreed, the software automatically converts it into a to-do list, creating a smoother post-sale process. This is all done in a simple web app that requires no download or complicated learning process.


Nitesh Srivastava

COO, Tallysticks

Tesh has always wanted to rebuild complex processes. After studying French and German at UCL, he worked for a Technology Accelerator in Berlin and then moved on to improve his understanding of complex, multinational businesses and systems at KPMG.

Tesh coordinates business units at Tallysticks to ensure customer needs are met and that the team is happy and healthy. In other words, he does the heavy lifting in the office. So, it’s no surprise that Tesh also likes lifting heavy weights when away from work. When not lifting, Tesh loves a good debate.

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