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3 tips on being secure and safe online

Being safe online is a difficult task. Nowadays, we are constantly connected and we might be less alert, therefore being more vulnerable towards malicious actions of certain people or groups behind computer(s). Here are three very short and important tips on how you can be more secure while being online.

According to Statista spam messages accounted for 57.26 percent of emails by end of 2019 and this trend is growing rapidly.

2. Protect your passwords

According to the United Kingdom National Cyber Security Centre 23.2 million victim accounts worldwide used 123456 as their password.

3. Update software and systems

According to BulletProof’s 2019 report for organizations, 22% of the high and critical-risk issues come as a result of out-of-date, using no longer supported software or missing patches. This number is higher for individuals.

CybExer Technologies, an Estonian company provides also a free course on helping you have better cyber hygiene that goes beyond our tips. Check here for the course.

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