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Siyi Ma
Feb 13 · 4 min read

Intro: The Estonian Diasporas are scattered around the world with roots deeply buried in their homeland. Merit chose to further her study of MSc Environmental Engineering and Management for the engineering focus at Taltech and technological magic in Estonia. The education paid off as Merit becomes an environmental consultant in Sweden.

What Merit is doing now will exert significant impact on the air, land and water contamination, waste management and recycling, emissions and climate change, renewable energy opportunities, environmental management systems, etc. Who knows, it could be your future in the time to come.

Merit with TalTech mascot Julius (the eternal student)
  1. Merit, what brought you to TalTech and Estonia? How long have you been living in Tallinn?

I am an Estonian and I have been living in Tallinn for all of my life, 22 years, before I moved to Sweden to study and work. I chose to study in TalTech because the university has a good reputation and a study program that I really liked. Moreover, it is the only technical university in Tallinn that focuses on engineering areas.

2. What are the most memorable moments during your studies at TalTech?

TalTech does not only offer a good education but it also has a good student life and the latter makes the most memorable moments. For example, student parties that involve students from all faculties; common studies in the library or in the university’s inner yard which is also perfect for your coffee break during the autumn and spring or just to relax under the pine trees. The university is also located close to a forest which makes it perfect for outdoor activities and sport. Moreover, I have to think back to our really helpful and kind teachers who are always there to help you.

3. What are you doing now after graduating? In what way did your experiences at TalTech helps you to reach your current position?

I graduated almost two years ago with cum laude and today I am working as an environmental consultant in Sweden. I am working with areas like circular economy, industrial symbiosis and water and ground related questions. From TalTech I got a really good knowledge basis of environmental and natural sciences but also helped the education me develop both individual and team work skills and how to solve problems that at a first sight seemed really challenging. These skills are really important in my everyday life because a consultant needs to be able to adapt his/herself with a new projects and situations every day.

4. If you need to describe Estonia in one sentence to a total stranger, what would you say?

Estonia might be small by the size but has a wonderful nature, endless opportunities and technological innovations.

5. Would you recommend TalTech and MSc Environmental Engineering and Management to other students? Why?

Yes, definitely. First, the program gives an excellent overview of environmental engineering, for example, air and water pollution and prediction technologies, as well as the background of environmental regulations and laws that are crucial for working in this field. For example, for me as a consultant it was a really good mix because it helps to understand how the regulations and laws are functioning in order to help companies that are working in environmental engineering field.

Next, the mix of Estonian and international students creates a dynamic class setting where you learn to deal with different work ethics and customs, sculpting you into a valuable and understanding team member for the future. What’s more, in every project students could choose a relevant topic from their own country. This made it interesting to listen to other presentations as it also broadens your horizon about environmental problems in the world.

As last, TalTech is a technical university and technology plays a really important role in whole country. Therefore, I am sure that every Estonian can teach you at least one technological magic.

6. Do you have any suggestions to TalTech or your Faculty so that we could improve teaching and research quality?

I’d recommend involving more companies and different experts from working fields. For example, invite guest lecturers, more field visits, organize events where companies and students can meet. Personally, I think it is important for students to get a connection with people who are professionals in this field. Such possibilities not only create networking opportunities, but also give a good overview of what students can do after graduation.

7. Any other comments, tips, advices that you would like to share with us and potential international students?

In the beginning, Estonians might seem like closed people but if you learn to know them they will be your wonderful friends throughout the whole study time, teaching you all kind of tricks how to make you time in Estonia the most enjoyable.

If you’re passionate about protecting the environment and have an understanding of the realities of running a business, then a career as an environmental consultant could be for you. TalTech´s MSc Environmental Engineering and Management prepares their graduate with necessary knowledge base and working skills on a range of environmental issues.

In due time, an EEM graduate is able to offer expert advisory and assessment services to corporate clients with the aim of minimising or eliminating environmental damage. Increasing environmental regulation means that there is growing demand for consultancy services. Please be aware: site-based work may require travel and absence from home overnight.

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TalTech is Estonia’s most innovative university and especially known for its innovation in the field of digital technologies and engineering.

Siyi Ma

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Siyi Ma

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TalTech is Estonia’s most innovative university and especially known for its innovation in the field of digital technologies and engineering.