TalTech graduate leading a multimillion e-Health project, now lecturing at his alma mater

Hakan Karaoglu
Nov 26, 2018 · 4 min read

Front note:

Health care delivery is changing rapidly, enabling more and more people to enjoy optimal health — as individuals and as a population. TalTech graduates join a group of pioneers in e-Health innovation to solve the current and future challenges of health care delivery.

Meet Hany Mina, read his story of transformation from a pharmacist in Egypt to an e-Health solution maker in Ireland, and get inspired to apply to TalTech´s M.Sc. Health Care Technology (HCT).

What brought you to TalTech and Estonia?

My name is Hany Mina, a pharmacist from Egypt, graduated from Cairo University with a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy in 2010. Three years later, when I decided to go back to school and study my master, I had the opportunity to move to Germany or Estonia. I made my own research to learn more about Estonia and found that Estonia is a digitally oriented country that embraces innovation and industry transformation of its own kind. Eventually I made an informed decision to join M.Sc. Health Care Technology at TalTech.

What’s more, I felt that studying at TalTech would provide me the opportunity to study a high-quality academic program with the possibility to go for exchange study later. In addition, it would not cost me much since the university offered a range of scholarships for talented students.

What were the most memorable moments during your studies at TalTech?

One of the most memorable moments for me was the first class, when I got a real taste of being in an international student community apart from local Estonians. FYI, my class was composed of students from three continents.

Undoubtedly, I felt proud of my achievement as the Cum-Laude graduate at graduation ceremony and at the honorary dinner in the presidential palace — an exceptional treat by the Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves to academically outstanding graduates, foreign and local.

Another experience I really enjoyed was my exchange study in the Netherlands, where I moved to study as part of my master’s at the University of Twente, with TalTech´s study abroad scholarship. The Mobility Centre helped me to get all the support I needed for admission and academic counselling.

What are you doing now after graduating? In what way have your experiences at TalTech helped you to reach your current position?

After finishing my degree at TalTech I had the chance, with the help of Mobility Centre, to take part in the Erasmus+ Placement Programme and did the Graduate Placement in Germany for three months. During that time I was working my fingers to the bone, trying to secure a job in order to kick off my career in Healthcare IT as my new specialization. After a long search for job, I ended up in Ireland, working for a software development company “OpenApp” specialised in e-Health. My passion for persuasive design and software usability, combined with years´ management and business analytic skills benefit the ongoing EU funded project that I am in charge of, which also fits perfectly my career and professional development.

Surprisingly, I also start teaching two HCT courses at TalTech as a guest lecturer, which maintains my connection with TalTech!

If you need to describe Estonia to a total stranger in one sentence, what would you say?

Estonia is a place where human & technology are in love!

Would you recommend TalTech to other students? Why?

I would definitely recommend TalTech Health Care Technology for future students since the university provides a wide range of academic programs in English which helps more international students study with no need to learn the local language. Moreover, the quality of education and teaching staff is a world-class and matches the European standards. What’s more, TalTech offers several opportunities for students to take part in exchange programs, participate in workshops, and encourages them even to set up their start-ups with professional mentoring facilitates. So, for future heath tech entrepreneurs, Estonia is the place where to go!

Do you have any suggestions to TalTech or your Faculty so that we could improve teaching and research quality?

If I may say, offering more scholarships for international students and setting higher admission criteria would attract many quality students, making the university an academic flagship sailing far and high.

One last thing, it would be certainly useful to design a short course/workshop to blend Estonian and International students so they work in better harmony and break the ice for communication at wider scale.

I understood that you are currently a guest lecturer at TalTech, what course(s) do you teach? How does it feel to have the role changed from student to lecturer?

Currently, I come to TalTech as a guest lecturer a couple of times a year. I take part in teaching two courses: Basics of e-Health and Medical Coding & Data Standardization. I’m so grateful to TalTech offering me this marvelous opportunity to stay in touch with the place where I got my degree and share my experience with other students.

End note: Health Care Technology (HCT) is a unique Master’s programme in Europe that provides interdisciplinary knowledge on digital technologies, innovation and change management of health care. It relies on the best practices of health care digital transformation and e-health innovations from Estonian e-health system and international successes.

The two-year HCT programme at TalTech gives you the “skills and interdisciplinary knowledge to implement new technologies in health care and provides practical examples of health care innovation and digitalization”.

TalTech Blog

TalTech is Estonia’s most innovative university and especially known for its innovation in the field of digital technologies and engineering.

Hakan Karaoglu

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TalTech Blog

TalTech is Estonia’s most innovative university and especially known for its innovation in the field of digital technologies and engineering.

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