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Yuelin Yin: “I was really happy to find the study programme that fit my vision”

In the second article about law studies at TalTech, we present you Yuelin Yin who came to Estonia from China. She studies Master’s programme in Law that particularly focuses on Law and Technology. In future, Yuelin wishes to become a legal advisor in a tech company.

Early spring round Tallinn

It is simply interesting and useful. I was once a clueless intern when I arrived to Estonia and had a bad experience due to not knowing anything about law — like been threatened that I can’t quit a job, and other basic rights. Then I started looking into it deeper and found it fascinating. From the actual practicing perspective, I am quite thrilled about IT law since this is the future.

I heard about TalTech through my colleagues. Most of them graduated from here. I found out that the university offers good quality master’s programmes and supports research and development widely. Also, the campus is located close to my work. So, it was a perfect combination. My undergraduate major was animation, including courses of 3D animation and front-end programming. However, currently I am studying law and technology on master’s level. I can say that my decision was entirely based on my passion.

First of all, I was really happy to find out that the study programme fit my vision and and met my expectations from the very beginning. In general, it consists of both practical and academic modules, but I’d say it has a very strong practical aspect in terms of the classes that we attend. Some lecturers have a long experience working as lawyers and consultants and therefore they let us understand the industry trends better. For example, I like the class called Selected Actual Topics from European Union Personal Data Protection Law, because the topic of GDPR is one of the most relevant issues these days. Usually I evaluate classes by asking myself how much I learned from it and what would I got questions regarding this subject.

I think that with time passing by, more and more universities will teach the programmes concerning the law and technology, combining it with the EU and international law. Thus the number of the technology lawyers will grow gradually and the legal topics around AI, Cyber Security and Data Protection will be discussed more widely.

I plan to start practicing law after graduating, specifically in the IT law sector. I wish to become a legal advisor in a tech company in the future. At the same time, I also consider continuing my studies and exploring areas of interest. I could imagine doing my Ph.D. while simultaneously working in a legal team of an IT company.

In the time of the pandemic, the student life has been a bit limited. I have attended some student events, but mostly I focus on studies and try to spend time in less crowded places. Probably cooking is my biggest hobby here. I also play tennis and try to learn different things on my own, such as data analysis.

Yuelin Yin

Estonia is more digital than other EU countries, I can do everything online here. The population is small and the environment is calm. It has made me more thoughtful and now I focus more on what I can do better in my life.

The application process to TalTech is still going on. See details here: taltech.ee/en/admissions



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