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Tamago Finance Project Update:Partnership Agreement w/ Bitkub, Tamago Finance NFT Marketplace Revamp, BitToon DAO Whitelist Raffles on NFT LUCKBOX and more

🙌Helloooooo Tamago Community,

Stories about crypto downturn, meltdown, liquidation and all the CeFi platforms saga have dominated the news outlet in the past few weeks. Believers like us prefer to think one step further as always. Right now perhaps is a better time to collect yourselves and do more research, which you might refuse to do (but you know you should) during bullish markets.

Tamago Finance has made a lot of efforts to make our website more approachable for every user instead of the veterans only. Let’s see what we’ve done in the past few weeks and what you can expect for the upcoming days.

🚀The Past few weeks went like…

💫Tamago Finance Multi-Chain Alpha Version, Live on 8 Chains

Tamago Finance launched the very first multi-chain NFT marketplace on testnet in late May. Some netizens have given us precious feedback and thoughts about their swapping experience. Everyone is welcome to give it a try and it must be worth your time since the alpha version came with a bounty hunt campaign.

So, of course, to join the campaign, you have to know how to swap NFTs on Tamago Finance. Please connect the wallet when you are on the frontpage of our NFT marketplace 👉 Go to Tamaga Finance official website first and click “Marketplace Testnet” on the top.

What makes Tamago Finance NFT marketplace so special and so much deserves your consideration? One of the impeccable features is users can trade NFTs across different chains. We are now live on 8 chains.

Also, Tamago kicks out the security issue as many think we may lock users’ NFTs in the smart contracts. On the contrary, we don’t because Tamago Finance is a P2P protocol so users’ NFTs will never be under our custody.

The steps users take to create orders are extremely intuitive but remember to claim NFTs and ERC20 tokens (mock NFTs and mock ERC20) for the test beforehand.

If you are creating an order, you should follow the steps. Firstly, you should choose which NFT you’d like to swap and secondly, what NFTs you’re going to swap for.

On the other hand, if you spot any item you want to collect, just click the “buy” button and see whether you hold the asset that the seller wants to swap for. Otherwise, you have to gain the asset in order to successfully complete the swap.

As for the bug bounty campaign, please check here ➡️


Since our testnet launch , the Tamago Finance team has been improving our UI to make it more straightforward to use and browse. Some of you might notice our web is a bit different from the early version. You are 100% correct! The updated version launched last week has some new features so a new user guide will be provided soon.

Furthermore, we’d like to thank the community and early users who shared their insights and thoughts about our product. The Tamago team has revamped our UI/UX design accordingly and hopefully you are now having a better trading experience. Of course, the road to perfection is paved with our efforts and your feedback. An article about your suggestions will be published soon, too.

💫Bank of Thailand Policy Hackathon

Tamago Finance is grateful to have the opportunity to join the policy hackathon hosted by Thailand’s finance regulator, Bank of Thailand. The first round of BOT’s Policy Hackathon just finished on June 10 with the selected teams submitting 10 pages of policy paper with executive summary and a five-minute-long video clip. Please give a big hand to our development and marketing team as they worked days and nights to finish producing the video and document.

In a few days, BOT will announce the shortlisted teams who will compete in round two on June 25th. Again, cross your fingers for the Tamago team.

💫Sign Partnership Agreement with Bitkub

Another good news to reveal! Tamago Finance has signed a partnership agreement with Thailand’s largest blockchain ecosystem, Bitkub. Tamago is looking forward to having stronger cooperation and seeking greater synergy with Bitkub.

💫BitToon DAO Whitelist Raffles on NFT LUCKBOX

You guys haven’t heard news from our pilot project, NFT LUCKBOX, recently. However, that doesn’t mean our team did nothing. On the contrary, the marketing team has loads of meetings, talks and discussions with local NFT communities and we are extremely thrilled to announce BitToon, the leading NFT community in Thailand, is on board now 👏👏👏

We’ve mentioned BitToon DAO last month but in case you’re newcomers, Tamago doesn’t mind introducing BitToon to our community all over again. The Thai influencer turned community BitToon, which now owns more than 180k followers on Facebook, will officially found its DAO in July and its NFT collection will be launched as well. In partnership with Tamago Finance, BitToon held two campaigns on NFT LUCKBOX and therefore our users can get a head start over others!

15 spots will be exclusively offered to specific NFT community members, including 0xMonkey, The Weirdo Ghost Gang, LaserCat NFT, ApeX NFT Predator, Naga DAO NFT, Ready Player Cat and Tamago Finance Original NFT owners.

For Tamago users who don’t hold any of the above-mentioned NFTs, you still have a chance to join the party! 5 spots will be sent to those who register! So, don’t forget to go to NFT LUCKBOX to register 👉 https://nftluckbox.xyz/raffles

The campaign starts now and will run until June 30.

📣 SCB10X Metathon Afterparty

The Tamago team won the championship in the SCB 10X Metathon under the “Infrastructure” track. Sure, it’s good news but not really “new” since the Metathon was held last month. However, Tamago Finance was thrilled to join the afterparty hosted by SCB 10X and invited to pitch in front of important figures from the government as well as the business scene on June 16.

Tamago Finance’s CTO Pisuth, who led the dev team, was in charge of the presentation. The party was full of fun and so knowledgeable to have a chance to not only share our views on the blockchain field but also hear from other peer projects’ perspective.

🚀What You Could Expect for the Upcoming Days

📣Everyone can Create Raffles on NFT LUCKBOX

Huge news to everyone!

Tamago’s pilot project NFT LUCKBOX will launch an essential feature which will allow every user to create a permissionless raffle.

Since our soft launch, our partnered communities have held many raffles on our platform and all of the campaigns were created by the NFT projects themselves. Now Tamago Finance wants to bring our product to the nature of decentralization. Everyone owns the power to create raffles without being censored or monitored. Details will come up very soon so please stay tuned.

And that’s it for now. We hope you enjoy the beautiful week ahead. Until next time!

Tamago Finance Team

Tamago Finance Website: https://tamago.finance

Tamago Finance Telegram: t.me/tamagofinance

Tamago Finance Twitter: https://twitter.com/TamagoFinance

Tamago Finance Discord: https://discord.com/invite/78fax5dPqk

NFT LUCKBOX Twitter: https://twitter.com/nftluckbox




Multi-chain NFT marketplace and tools for NFT collectors and teams

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