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Tamago Finance Project Update: Upgrades on Multichain NFT Marketplace, AMA w/ BitToon DAO, KMITL & MUIC and Permissionless Feature Coming up on NFT Luckbox

👋👋👋Helloooo Tamago followers,

For people living in the northern hemisphere, you may start feeling the scorching and humid weather coming. Heatwaves in Europe are no joke while the cryptosphere apparently is still surrounded by snow. Hope the winter is treating you guys well. Without further ado, let’s see what Tamago Finance has been up to.

🚀What Tamago Finance has done recently

Multichain NFT Marketplace Alpha Launch Brought Curtain down

We’d like to thank you all for taking part in our alpha launch concluded on June 22nd. Our marketing team has received a bunch of encouragement as well as suggestions which will definitely be included in our roadmap as Tamago was created to offer a better NFT swapping experience for users.

NFT Luckbox Project: BitToon Raffles Giveaway Campaign Came to an End

Thailand-based BitToon DAO held a giveaway campaign on NFT Luckbox, coming with two categories, one to every registered user and the other to specific NFT communities’ members. Both of the categories received around 100 participants.

Just in case you registered and forgot that you’ve ever participated the campaign, please go check now to see if you’re the luck guy who won the prize👉https://nftluckbox.xyz/

AMA with BitToon DAO,KMITL & MUIC on June 30

On the last day of June, Tamago Finance joined an AMA session with the Thai influencer turned community BitToon DAO and blockchain clubs from Mahidol University and King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL).

There were six speakers in total, among which three were from Tamago Finance, including the host Nuk who’s now interning at the BD team, Community Manager Vishal and our CTO Pisuth who was the main speaker at the AMA. We have received many supportive messages and questions about the concept of multichain and its potential future development. Hopefully, the speakers and the session helped answer all the questions. Also, we’d like to say a big thank you to all of the 200 listeners on Thursday. You guys rocked!

🚀What you can expect in the upcoming days

New features Added on Multichain NFT Marketplace

As our alpha version launch has come to an end, we did a bunch of corrections and upgrades on our website, according to your feedback.

1)Home Menu & Cancel Button

For those early users who created orders successfully might feel a bit frustrated when you found out there was no “cancel order” option. Sigh no more because we have added the feature and furthermore, you could view all of your orders’ details on your account menu.

As you can see from the above picture, users can go through your account by clicking the wallet address at the top right corner. And from here you can click the little red button to cancel your order. Users can also review the details of your orders, including what were the NFTs and tokens you selected to swap for.

2)My Collection & Browsing History Features

Other users recommended adding “my collections” and “browsing history” sections. For sure, we highly appreciate these opinions and are seriously thinking about it. As the number of users grows, Tamago Finance can expect more transactions and orders to be opened on the platform, too. Therefore, a more clever search engine, “browsing history” and “my favorite items” functions are absolutely on the top of our priority list for optimization.

3)UI design

The Tamago team did notice that some users found the UI a little difficult to understand and not straightforward enough. Since we hope more newbies, especially those who are out of the loop or never traded NFTs before, try out our products and swap NFTs on Tamago Finance, we need more of your advice to be better off. More importantly, what Tamago feels the most proud of is our multichain feature. Hence, a more beginner-friendly UI is definitely necessary and we’re moving toward that direction as well.

Again, thank you all for going on this journey with Tamago Finance. More updates are coming up. Though the testnet launch has ended, you can still reach out to our team members on social networks. You are more than welcome to contact us.

Permissionless Feature to be added on NFT Luckbox

NFT Luckbox will soon put a new version on testnet soon. The Tamago dev team will add some features, among which the permissionless highlight is the most outstanding one.

In the near future, users can start a campaign on Tamago’s NFT Luckbox platform without any centralized censoring. Again, we aim to bring back our platform to the nature of blockchain technology. Plus, we hope our community followers will invite your friends to come test and have fun on the platform during the testnet launch. Of course, we’d be more than happier to see any feedback from you guys. To know more about the specific launch time, please keep an eye on our social media. Otherwise, you can wait til our newsletter lands on your mailbox.

And that’s it for now. Live long and prosper. Until next time🖖🖖🖖



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