New Office at JR Hakata City

Pisuth Daengthongdee
Tamago Labs
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2 min readOct 18


JR Hakata City hosts many shopping malls and train stations including the Shinkansen

At Tamago Labs, we strive 😤 to deliver innovative applications and tools for emerging blockchains like Sui, Aptos, Tezos, Oasys and Astar which currently lack some of the tools and utilities 🖥 available on their networks.

It’s been a year already since we started our business in Fukuoka, Japan 🗾 located on the island of Kyushu, renowned for its delicious food 🍜 and scenic landscapes.

Fukuoka in the winter

Our founder, Pisuth came to Fukuoka to start Tamago Labs with the help of the Global Startup Center of Fukuoka City.

They assisted us with nearly everything required to establish a business in a new country, including finding accommodation, legal support, opening a bank account and much more. We deeply appreciate their support.

For the first year, we could use a co-working space as our office, and we chose Q Hakata, located at the heart of the city. Several startups founded by foreigners are also based here.

Now it’s time to have a proper private office. We’ve decided to move from the co-working space area to a private booth 😅 on the opposite side. The room can accommodate two full-time workers.

Our office at Q Hakata owned by JR Kyushu

Come visit us if you have the chance.

We’re dedicated to building 🏗️ on emerging blockchains, as mentioned above. If you’re seeking a team of developers to deliver impactful applications to your network, feel free to contact us.