A triangle of pure delight

A triangle of pure delight sits majestically at the center of an ivory white plate. The glistening chocolate sauce hides a luscious, fluffy cheesecake kissed with a light essence of hazelnut. Thinly sliced walnuts complete the inviting look.

Your spoon glides effortlessly through the moist cheesecake and when you taste it, there is an explosion of flavors. First, the dark chocolate sauce, then the subtle sweetness of the cream and then the glorious cheesecake. The combination of flavors takes your tastebuds on an adventure — An adventure, best experienced eyes closed.

This Hazelnut Cheesecake at Le Plaisir, a chic bakery on Washington street, redefines what a cheesecake is. Using what are seemingly normal ingredients, the bakery chef is able to conjure a delicacy that breaks the shackles of greatness and ventures into the divine.

Pair it with a perfectly brewed espresso shot and experience bliss.

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