Maker Project Canvas Design in Your Browser

Free Chrome Extension for the Maker Project Canvas

After learning more about Chrome extension development, some fun was had creating one for the Maker Project Canvas!

Opening a canvas

Click on the Maker Project Canvas icon in Chrome’s toolbar to open the canvas. Previously created notes will load when the canvas opens (they are saved locally).

Adding notes to the canvas

A note will show up when your mouse hovers over a canvas box. Click on the note and just start typing. The note will hide when your mouse moves away from the box.

Showing notes

You can walk through the canvas with a colleague by hovering your mouse over each canvas box. This is useful if you want to keep focus on just one element of the canvas.

To see all the notes at once, turn on the Show Notes toggle switch. Of course, turning off the toggle switch hides the notes.

Saving notes

Clicking on the Save icon will locally save the current notes, overwriting previously saved notes.

Clearing the deck

Click on the Clear All icon to erase all the notes on the current canvas. Your previous notes are still saved and can be recalled by clicking on Chrome’s refresh icon. If you clear the notes and hit save, the previous notes will be replaced with “???”.


The Screenshot icon will open another tab with an image of the current canvas (make sure Show Notes is toggled on first, unless you want an image of a blank canvas). Right click on the image to either save it or copy it to the clipboard.

Learning more about the canvas

Click on the Maker Project Canvas logo to see the book on Amazon covering use of the canvas. Additional information is available on the Tangibit Studios website by clicking on the logo at the bottom.

Getting the extension

You can get the Chrome extension from their web store (it’s free):

Happy Making!