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..p.s. this is fiction #1 Almost Silent on Sunday

News from the Tangled Teepee

Hi! rhoda here,
This is Me pretending to be the professional !!
keeping you all up to date.

I’ve been analysing the figures. Trying to get a handle on this writing thing!
Trying to understand what it my readers want.

And everyday I find a new glitch in the metrics.
The latest development is that I no longer know the basics. I was checking the other day to see how many followers I currently have.

You’d think it being a basic detail the Medium bots could at least get that right. Right!

But when I check on my profile it says 590.
Then as I was linking my profile in an article I noticed the glitch !
When I tag my profile and hover over it with my newly found mouse it brings up a completely different number (667 at my last check).

So apparently I have 77 followers who are lost somewhere in the mists of time and space.

Which brings me to my purpose for existing today.
To point the few of you that the medium bots allow me to reach in the direction of some of my fiction work.
And to let you know from where they sprang!

Mud Wallowers Delusion -
One extremely rainy morning I had been stuck in the tent for several days and the torrents seemed never ending. The thought of having to trawl through the quagmire diligently manifesting outside completely fogged my mind. And writing above all that noise seemed impossible. So I turned to a little Ai pal, and we conjured up this little piece.

Rebel Against the Sky Masters
I’m not sure where this piece began. But again Ai had some influence which completely diverted this piece from where it began and turned it on its head. One day I might finish the original piece! Ai is not the kind of friend your mother would approve of but I’ll introduce soon anyway!

Things that go bump in the Night
Inspired by my nightly visitor Mr Raticus. A most unwelcome consequence of tent life but very real and who’s story is yet to be written. He kept me awake an entire week and this was written whilst exhausted and deluded at three o’clock in the morning!

The Glitch & The Curse of Invisibility
Ever had one of those moments when everyone around you falls immediately silent at your appearance? I get them a lot. These pieces are the result of my life long battle with ghosting. I’m as yet to find the solution that resolves this series.

Hunting Candyfloss
Some of you may of read the beginning of this tale when I put it out as ‘Book in the Wall’ in three parts. But only one of you read it all the way through. I’m thinking its the beginning of a more epic series or novel. I’ve reedited it since I know I have yet to learn a lot about fiction writing. So if you have a spare ten minutes give it a gander!

That’s all for now.
I have to go review all my paper notes before Monty 🐁chows them for bedding!

Follow along with the progress of me sorting my spaghetti brains to become professional at and sign up to my newsletter for these #AlmostSilentOnSunday — updates!



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rhoda anne young

A R.A.Y of Hope amidst a Sea of Cerebral Turbulence! An enigmatic rose, forever graceful, forever young, forever learning. Fiction, Poetry, Art, Culture & Life