Happy Earth Day

Are You Celebrating Today?

photo of an autumn oak tree in full orange from across the water
Tree over the water: photo by author

Just wanted to say a quick hello and check in with you all & find out if you’re celebrating Earth Day today (April 22nd 2022).

Earth day originally started way back in 1970. Inspired by the ecologically aware protestors of the 1960’s, it began as a way of spotlighting environmental causes to raise the public’s awareness of pollution.




Turbulent telling tales from my life. Pompous purple poetry (coz — I — can !!!).A cabin of chaotic curiosities to explore. And Fast fuzzy fiction from my frantic mind !!

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rhoda anne young

rhoda anne young

A R.A.Y of Hope amidst a Sea of Cerebral Turbulence! An enigmatic rose, forever graceful, forever young, forever learning. Fiction, Poetry, Art, Culture & Life

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