I’m Going Back to My BuJu !!!

It’s the only thing keeping me sane !!

a page from my bullet journal: the only thing keeping me sane!
page from my buju by rhoda anne young

Resolving Technological Gremlins!

I had a slight panic, hearing the news that medium was about to pull the editing suit from their apps!

To be quite honest I could do with them giving it a good overhaul so it has full functionality.




Turbulent telling tales from my life. Pompous purple poetry (coz — I — can !!!).A cabin of chaotic curiosities to explore. And Fast fuzzy fiction from my frantic mind !!

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rhoda anne young

rhoda anne young

A R.A.Y of Hope amidst a Sea of Cerebral Turbulence! An enigmatic rose, forever graceful, forever young, forever learning. Fiction, Poetry, Art, Culture & Life

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