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We are moving!

Credits: Cities Today

Effective from October 1st, 2020, our EU offices will be headquartered in central Dublin, at 71 Lower Baggot Street.

The new location is at walking distance from the iconic Merrion Square, the National Museum of Natural History, the National Library and the National Gallery of Ireland, the National Concert Hall, and the Docklands, in a thriving and lively neighbourhood we are earnest to contribute to.

Notwithstanding the ever changing environment we all are living through, our pledge is to support the local landscape whilst at the same time developing a globally distributed operational structure. We are also engaging local policymakers to promote a smarter, more integrated and more sustainable mobility for Dublin workers and citizens alike.

Being closer to Dublin’s administrative and economic heart will also enable us to serve our corporate and government customers with greater efficacy and impact.

Post correspondence to our previous address in Fairview, Dublin 3, will still be answered for a limited time beyond October 1st. Enquiries and suggestions about our new headquarters are most welcome at info@tanglegence.com.




Untangling Complexity

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Untangling Complexity

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