Cypher Network —Development Update #1

Jul 27 · 3 min read

Four weeks ago, Tangram released Cypher Open Beta. We advertised to the community that anyone can start running a node and setting up a wallet to familiarise themselves with the process. After several key fixes and enhancements to Cypher, such as:

  1. Mitigating spam whereas prior a ‘locked fund’ mechanism was in place, this has since been dropped and instead have opted to utilise a verifiable delay function (VDF) where each sends requires a given number of sequential steps with higher delays meaning faster transaction(s). Simply put, this guarantees that some minimum amount of time has elapsed (default is set to 5 seconds) prior to a transaction being sent.
  2. Check lock status of transactions and which commits can be spent upon a receiver being sent a transaction
  3. Syncing wallets with mempool were an issue with wallets not being synced with the mempool (backlog of transactions)
  4. Continued work on cyp2px (currently on-hold while fixes and enhancements are made to bamboo (Cypher and Tangram wallet) such as the issue above (see #3) as a proof-of-concept in .go based on Iota’s base hornet architecture for cluster membership, node communication (peer discovery, block synchronization, mempool synchronization, etc)

Currently, we have a PoC that handles cluster membership and storing nodes in a distributed hash table (which Tangram already handles). The development will continue upon wallet fixes and updates.

We’re pleased with the progress that has been made over the last couple of weeks. Soon we will request all Cypher node operators and wallet(s) to upgrade to the latest release.

The upcoming release will enable transactions to be sent upon testing with the closed beta testers.

The target release date is expected to take place in the month of August where all users can send and receive.

Post transactions release Cypher will be enabled with node operators to start staking and rewarding for staking. Detailed series of articles will follow on staking and rewarding post staking functionality release.

To remind everyone, the first release of Cypher Open Beta provided the functionality in downloading, installing, running and upgrading Cypher software (both node and wallet releases). Cypher open beta will prove to be invaluable to ensure Tangram’s mainnet launch to be stable and accessible with privacy and security being paramount.

While the next weeks and months are difficult to predict, we will continue to push forward with the immediate task of launching the decentralized Tangram network.

If you have not yet opted in to become a node operator we urge you to do so as early as possible to become familiar with the process of running a node and the subsequent functionality releases.

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