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Tangram Development Update — 25th May

As we progress with Tangram and begin preparations for releasing Cypher Open Beta testing to the community; updates are in order.

Team Updates

As we move closer to the release of Tangram Mainnet, we’re focusing on finding contributors who are able to dedicate time to development across Tangram’s core functionalities such as networking, protocol, and other critical areas. Currently, the key experience areas are C# and C++, although later these will expand into other skillsets which can assist in building Tangram’s wider ecosystem of web apps, etc.

Some time ago, Inkadnb stepped back from actively contributing to the project on a regular basis due to IRL priorities. Stang’s expertise is more applicable at a later stage in the project, for example, building and maintaining tipbots, GUI wallet, etc, and more importantly once the core platform is in a state for such development. Both inkadnb and stang’s contributions will be re-assessed at a later stage.

This update serves for transparency and to address any expectation from the community on stang’s and inkadnbs’ output as part of Tangram’s development across the different repositories.

As part of our focus on solidifying and progressing Tangram’s core functionalities, we welcome sp4rtan, Tangram’s latest addition to the core development team.

Cypher testnet updates

  • Linux install scripts complete (with some minor updates required — non-functional);
  • Windows install script is almost complete (thanks sp4rtan!);
  • This Bamboo wallet issue fix is close to completion which will allow us to continue testing transactions;
  • Documentation is ongoing and to be ready prior to open-testnet
  • Once Linux and Windows install scripts have been completed, CYP2Px (libp2p) development will be underway.

N.B. Install scripts will not support 32-bit version for both Linux and Windows users.

We expect to make a push soon™️ with the latest code updates and fixes as soon as possible for the testnet channel to do a round of testing prior to announcing an open-testnet.

Thinking of contributing to Cypher?

You can find Cypher’s codebase here: https://github.com/cypher-network/

Connect with any of the core team members and/or community managers, OR simply create an issue/pull request!

If you’re interested, have questions and feedback:

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Tangram was created with a singular vision: to inspire, mobilize and empower a new generation of cypherpunks.