I built a website!

After a few weeks of pounding the keyboard…with a 2-week break in between, the website for Tangyuan is ready to meet the world.



Screenshot of the website.

Hi friends and family

I have a piece of exciting news to share with everyone! You may remember that the Tangyuan mobile app was released roughly a month ago and I have been silent since then.

Support me, download my app here!

You may be wondering what I have been up to? Have I abandoned the project?

Fret not, I am still working hard on making Tangyuan the BEST APP for families to use. And, the exciting piece of news is that, after a few weeks of pounding the keyboard in the December weeks, the website for Tangyuan is ready to meet the world!

Here is the link:


Now, even if you don’t have an Android phone you can access it with your iphone or computer.

The features available on Web are similar to what’s currently existing on the Android App.

The website has also been carefully designed so that it fits a mobile view properly. So, don’t worry.

What’s next?

Next up, I plan to work on adding more cool features to Tangyuan.

→ AI fun helper

-> Photo uploads

-> Password vault

And more…

Thank you for reading this post and your continued support for Tangyuan. Have a nice day and hope to talk to you soon :)

Want to suppport Tangyuan?

- use it with your family

- spread the word if you like it

Remember, the app is still a MVP with many more work to be done. If you hate the app on first glance, don’t delete it! Leave a feedback, email me at tangyuan.app@gmail.com =) I will definitely reply you and work to improve the app.


The end and a happy new year :)

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