7 Surprises About TankWallet, The Only Fixed-Price Gas App

Whether you already use TankWallet or you just discovered us, chances are there are a few things you don’t know about us. After talking to our community of drivers, we found these seven facts to be the most common surprises about TankWallet:

1) No membership fees, now or ever

Finding low-priced gas and locking in gas prices with TankWallet is absolutely free. There’s no minimum number of gallons you have to purchase, no fee to join, and no membership fee after you sign up.

2) Start with 1 free gallon & 0 credit cards

We know how frustrating it is to have to pull out your credit card just to see how a new service works. That’s why we make it easy to try TankWallet for free, no credit card required. Sign up in seconds and get your first gallon on us.

3) You pay at the pump

The price you lock in for any number of gallons with TankWallet is the price you will pay for those gallons. However, when you go to fill up, you will still pay the gas station as usual. TankWallet will instantly reimburse you for the amount you paid at the pump. All you have to do is open up your TankWallet app, click “Reimburse,” and follow the prompts.

4) No receipt required

No receipt? No problem. We track live pump prices. If you don’t upload a receipt, we’ll automatically reimburse you at your gas station’s current pump price for the fuel grade you filled up with.

5) Just say where

Downloaded TankWallet but don’t see any stations near you? We’re adding new stations every day based on user requests. Let us know where you’re located, and we’ll add stations to your area asap.

6) Buy up to 1 year ahead

Across the country, gas prices tend to rise in the springtime and peak by June — just when you’re planning your summer travels. With TankWallet, you can lock in prices up to a year in advance. That means that you can purchase gallons today to use in summer 2017 at the lowest summer gas prices in a decade.

7) Guaranteed stability, not savings

TankWallet is a fantastic tool for financial planning. When you lock in gas prices today to be used in future weeks or months, it’s easy to plan exactly how much you’ll be spending on gas that month. This guaranteed stability can be helpful in both personal and business budgeting. However, locking in the price of your gas does not guarantee savings. Whether the price drops or rises for your selected station and month, you’ll still pay the price you locked in for those gallons with TankWallet when you fill up.