Introducing Ethereum Playgrounds

Today we are proud to introduce a new open-source initiative we are calling Ethereum Playgrounds 🤸‍

At Tanooki Labs, we are fascinated by the potential of how blockchain technology can revolutionize current industries and pave the way for new kinds of experiences focused around decentralization, transparency, and trustlessness. The proliferation of decentralized application projects built on top of the Ethereum platform has seen a immense expansion this year and we believe that there is a lot to be learned and gained by focusing our efforts in this rapidly evolving ecosystem.

With this goal in mind we have created Ethereum Playgrounds: an open space where we can share our learnings in this field and build a community of like-minded Ethereum developers to share ideas and solutions to common challenges in the current Ethereum developer ecosystem.

Ethereum development presents a series of very different challenges to typical software development. The immutable nature of the blockchain means that smart contracts cannot be modified and therefore present hard constraints when it comes to execution logic and data storage. Moreover, this makes the resolution of deployed bugs particularly hard to solve, if not impossible. The peer-to-peer, distributed communication characteristic of the network introduces its own layer of complexity since each transaction must be cryptographically verified by every node in the network to ensure its validity. Although this provides great advantages for end-users by not having to rely on any central authority for its “source of truth”, this also means that miners that verify these transactions must be compensated for their efforts in executing and certifying each transaction added to the network. This makes certain logic and operations, like data storage, recursive function calling, or simple loops particularly expensive to implement. Finally, although openness and transparency is one of our favorite aspects of this platform, this also means that every deployed line of code is out in the open for anyone to see, which can make these applications more prone to security risks and also introduces complexity for handling private data or implementing applications that rely on randomness for their execution.

Our mission with Ethereum playgrounds is to foster meaningful conversations around these challenges, share best practices, and continue to explore the limits of this platform by approaching these problems through exploration, experimentation, and play. We wish to make Ethereum development and the distribution of knowledge in this field more open, inclusive, and accessible to everybody in hopes that, as a community, we can help usher in a new wave of development.

Next Steps

As we continue developing this initiative we will be adding new resources based on our learnings and how we approach Ethereum development in our projects. You can subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on our future publications.

You can also visit our GitHub where we will be posting our implementation of different ideas and thought experiments for this project.

If you would like to learn more about us, our website is a great place to start.

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