Two women embracing in a dark forest with a 1920’s automobile in the background. One woman is blonde and tan with a fashionable dress. the other woman is brunette and pale wearing a fur cape and hat. Both are well-manicured.
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As Dark Things Love

There’s so much pleasure in the wanting.

Tantalizing Tales
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10 min readOct 27, 2022


How I wanted to see Sophie, to hear her voice, to know her thoughts. By nature and training, she was a psychiatrist, but she didn’t see the tightrope I walked.

As we sat in her office on an evening in late October, I glanced at the photograph of a picnic gathering that hung on her wall. I had never asked about it. I didn’t want to know about people dearer to her than me.

She noticed my distraction.

“They’re the families of murderers and their victims. An organization I work with brings the two together.”

I struggled with her implication.

Men paid for images of raped and beaten women. I had seen such fetishes in one form or another for nearly three-hundred years. I had never seen this. A man doesn’t smile for a camera with an arm around the mother of the monster who strangled his daughter.

She added, “Violence makes victims of everyone.”

Her claim felt like an accusation, leaving me with an unaccustomed sense of shame.

“What do you know about violence?” My hands strangled the arms of my chair. “Do you think suffering…



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Tantalizing Tales

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