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Painting of fantasy woman warrior charging and swinging a sword.
Avestine by the author © Teresa Wymore


Blood Dries: The Rise of Avestine #2

This story continues from here.

This story is a prequel to Darklaw Saga, published by Tantalizing Tales and Redemption…



Creating fiction to awaken your imagination. Curated by May More. Edited by Posy Churchgate —Contact us via talestantalizing@gmail.com or @TaleTantalizing on Twitter. For Submissions, go here: https://medium.com/p/13c662830e34

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Teresa Wymore 🏳️‍🌈

Author Artist Athlete • Epic Fantasy & Erotic Fiction • Sapphic power ⚔️ Polyamorous empty-nester & gymrat | she/her | https://twitter.com/teresawymore