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Micro Monday, Flash Fiction

Flash Spanking

I found you cooking in knee-high leggings and an oversize T-shirt. I couldn’t tell if you even wore underwear. And I knew you dressed to tease me.

I came behind you, pressing my face into your back, my teeth grabbed your shoulder blade. Being a couple inches shorter that’s all I could reach.

“Hands on the counter.” Even though I was smaller, you liked it when I took control, order you around.

You put your hands on the counter and threw a smile over your shoulder. “Hello to you too.”

I stepped back and pulled up the shirt. No underwear. “I knew it. You’re trying to tease me.” I grabbed your ass and squeezed.

You wiggled your bum at me. “Of course, I am love.” Your British accent thickened as my hand pressed between your legs.

“Then you need a spanking for being a bad girl.”

You grinned over your shoulder. “Shall I spank you after for being an equally bad girl?”

“It’s an idea. We’ll see where the mood takes us.” I pulled my hand out and slapped it against your arse.

You wiggled. “Harder please, Mistress.” You giggled too.

I slapped harder, but you shook your head. When I’d slapped hard enough for you, my hand stung. I wouldn’t need a spanking, I’d need a hand massage.

I swatted you six more times, I didn’t mean to count, but there was a rhythm I had going that worked.

“If you need more, I’ll have to get the paddle or something. My hand is stinging.”

You turned around and kissed in my palm. “Poor Mistress. Would you like to go to the bedroom so I can kiss you better?” Your eyes left no doubt just how hard you’d kiss me better.

“Oh yes… very much so.”



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