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Tantalizing Tales

Phyllis and Demophoon 1870 —  painting by Edward Burne-Jones, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (Museum: Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery). Phyllis emerges from an almond tree to reclaim a nude Demophoon.
Photo by Birmingham Museums Trust on Unsplash

His Introduction to the “Clothed Female, Nude Male” Fetish


In 1998, the movie “Titanic” was setting box-office records and a young want-to-be actor named Jack Thompson, who thought he looked a little like DiCaprio, found his way to the big city where he had hoped to find fame and fortune.



Creating fiction to awaken your imagination. Curated by May More. Edited by Posy Churchgate —Contact us via talestantalizing@gmail.com or @TaleTantalizing on Twitter. For Submissions, go here: https://medium.com/p/13c662830e34

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TJ Charvat

Creative writing journeys in various genres and just plain fiction, but hopefully not too plain.