My Wife Decides To Do It

An excerpt from NAVY HOTWIFE: ANGELA. When they arrived at the party, after talking almost non-stop for a week, my wife had clearly made a decision about her becoming a hotwife.

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13 min readMay 24, 2024


THE STORY SO FAR: Berkeley has been a Navy officer ever since he graduated from the Academy. As he prepares for another long deployment overseas, the last thing he wants is to leave his wife Angela behind. Despite her unwavering support for his career in the Navy, Berkeley is haunted by stories of strained marriages eventually torn apart by distance. Angela is a vivacious woman, deeply sensual, and he fears yet another long separation might prove too much for her. In a surprising twist, Berkeley’s fellow officer, Sebastian, offers an unconventional solution to preserve their marriage. He reveals how his wife Chloe became a hotwife, sharing videos of her escapades with her distant husband, and how this has rejuvenated their relationship. Could this bold arrangement hold the key to satisfying Berk and Angela’s needs and keep their love alive? Initially hesitant, Angela’s reluctance soon gives way to curiosity and desire.



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