Four digital paintings that served as covers for four chapters (5–8) of the novel Secrets of the Velvet Trap, including Eddie, Eleanor, Violet, and Victor
Cover Images for “Secrets of the Velvet Trap,” Chapters 5–8 by the author © Teresa Wymore


Patient Session Note 2

Confessions and confrontations: Summary of Chapters 5–8 from “Secrets of the Velvet Trap”

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In 1930s Chicago, a troubled psychoanalyst and her tormented young patient pursue an unethical affair. In the shadows of an underground fetish club, their dark eroticism exposes the raw edges of desire.


Consulting Analyst: Dr. Victor Stahl
Analyst: Dr. Eleanor Wentworth
Patient: Miss “Eddie” Langley
Date: November 19, 1935

Session Summary:
Eleanor discussed a recent session where her patient, Eddie, displayed a fascination with themes of bondage and engaged in a physical interaction with rope. The issue manifested not only in Eddie’s overt behavior but also in the power dynamics within the analytic relationship, which Eleanor described as a “skirmish that ended in a truce.”

Eddie exhibits sadistic tendencies, notably in her desire to tie and dominate women, including her own analyst. This predilection aligns with Freud’s theories on sadism as a manifestation of repressed aggression and unresolved Oedipal conflicts.

Eleanor shared other significant revelations during our session:



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