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Tantalizing Tales

Two similar looking women, seen from the waist up and implied to be naked, holding their open hands up on either side of their faces.
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Quean for a Day 2

If I think she’s beautiful, it’s only because you’re beautiful.

In , Livia shared her cuckquean fantasy with her husband, Ben. He agreed to find a woman to help her fulfil it.

Three weeks later he surprises me.

He’s sitting at the table using the laptop while I lie on the couch in my PJs bingeing on Bake Off. He asks me to pause…




Creating fiction to beguile and awaken your imagination. Curated by May More. Edited by Posy Churchgate —Contact us via talestantalizing@gmail.com or @TaleTantalizing on Twitter.

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Marsha Adams

Marsha Adams

Autistic author of psychological smut and philosophical filth. Usually found hiding behind a book.