Eddie, a young woman with short blond hair wearing a white blouse, sits at a desk with a typewriter in a 1935 newsroom.
“The Story” by the author © Teresa Wymore


Secrets of the Velvet Trap — 10

After shaping a story on Chicago’s jazz scene, Eddie reflects on the power of the Velvet Trap and pitches a daring proposal to Vivian.

Tantalizing Tales
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9 min readJun 6, 2024


In 1930s Chicago, a troubled psychoanalyst and her tormented young patient pursue an unethical affair. In the shadows of an underground fetish club, their dark eroticism exposes the raw edges of desire.


Amid the clattering of typewriters and the murmur of voices, Eddie hunched over her desk, writing in a notebook.

She was a junior reporter working for the Chicago Daily News in an old building on the corner of Wells and Madison Streets. She would be moving to the big new building across the river when the current one was demolished. The space would likely become a “taxpayer” — an open-air parking lot.

In the last few years, twice as many buildings had been demolished as were built. The Tribune called it a “tax destruction,” more damaging than the Great Fire in 1871 that transformed the city, or the Stockyards Fire that devastated the meatpacking economy just last year.



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Tantalizing Tales

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