Digital painting of Eleanor, a mature woman with a brunette bun wearing scarlet tweed suit, kissing Eddie, a young blond wearing a cream colored blouse. The background is a blurred view of an office in green and brown.
“Liminal Spaces” by the author © Teresa Wymore


Secrets of the Velvet Trap — 9

As Eleanor and Eddie navigate their erotic transference, a profound moment reveals the darkness in their deepening intimacy.

Tantalizing Tales
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8 min readMay 30, 2024


In 1930s Chicago, a troubled psychoanalyst and her tormented young patient pursue an unethical affair. In the shadows of an underground fetish club, their dark eroticism exposes the raw edges of desire.


As Eleanor prepared for her next session with Eddie, she reflected on her recent consultation with Victor. With uncharacteristic vigor, he suggested she interpret Eddie’s erotic transference. That she had not already addressed it was a clear sign she wasn’t managing well.

Eddie’s problematic relational patterns were beginning to emerge in analysis, an expected development but unexpectedly difficult for Eleanor. She had never struggled as she had in the last few months, but she wasn’t new to complex relationships.

Serious ethical breaches had forced her training analyst, Ernest Jones, to flee to Canada. After returning to London, his hard-won experience allowed him to establish crucial institutions and…



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Tantalizing Tales

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