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The Virgin’s Peril

The fearless Sinru confronts a demonic monster, but Saan unveils the transformative power of compassion.

Tantalizing Tales
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13 min readAug 26, 2023


Frontispiece by the author © Teresa Wymore

The world knew him as the Barbarian. Some called him ‘thief’ and ‘slayer.’ Others called him ‘hero.’ One called him ‘father.’ She was Sinru, product of a drunken night the Barbarian spent in a nameless village before he wandered to lands far away. Sinru grew up strong and willful, angry and hedonistic. When the masters of empire burned her village and took her mother, she, too, wandered. She came into the world like a storm — dark-eyed, cursed, ravenous — to challenge the powers on earth and defy the dominion of demons.

In the depths of the Khaimeign’s swamps, under a glowing twilight blunted by a hundred shades of green, Sinru the Barbarian hacked through an entangled mess of brambles. Her coarse hair was as dark as the peat beneath her feet, and she brushed it aside to glance at Saan who followed behind.

Saan, golden-haired and smiling to herself, moved with an ease that belied the treacherous terrain. Beyond…



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Tantalizing Tales

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