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Tantalizing Tales

Young people dancing and having fun at a club.
Image by on Pexels — adapted by author

Fiction, Relationships

What happened back at Gino’s after the nightclub

Let me tell you a story of late 1980s London. One of unrequited love, loyalty, sex-of-sorts, a dark-brooding male and a super-hot babe.

There I was on my way to meet my best friend from work. My best friend, who incidently I was…




Creating fiction to beguile and awaken your imagination. Curated by May More. Edited by Posy Churchgate —Contact us via talestantalizing@gmail.com or @TaleTantalizing on Twitter. For Submissions, go here: https://medium.com/p/13c662830e34

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May More

May More

Passion 4 transgressive fiction. Editor: Tantalizing Tales & Redemption. Top Writer Fiction/Short Stories. Twitter @more_matters. Like individuals, food & wine.

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