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A better segmented control

How we embraced a growth mindset and ended up with a more robust ecosystem of selection patterns

Old segmented control does not spark joy

Problem definition

Previous selection controls
A different segmented control for every occasion

Tackling one problem at a time

New, lightweight, segmented control styles
Variants in situ
Clear and internally consistent differences

Segmented controls allow users to make a single selection from a set of 2–5 options, as a common alternative to radio buttons and dropdown menus. They clearly present all available options to users and are easy to use on mobile devices.
• Use them over other selection controls to reduce cognitive load.
• Do not use them to filter or navigate content (use Tabs instead).

Selection control ecosystem flow chart aka pure insanity

Tying up loose ends

Banished, but never forgotten



Sweating the details so you don’t have to

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Runi Goswami

I create systems that help people build better user experiences https://runigoswami.com/. Design Systems Manager @ Lyft.