This RVCE student landed his Dream Job at SAP Labs-Here is how he did it

and you can too

“TapChief found me someone who could grasp exactly where I was lacking and streamline my preparation”

Name: Sughosh Kaushik
Discipline: Computer Science
College: RVCE, Bangalore
Currently Placed as Software Developer at SAP Labs

Sughosh, a final year computer science student at R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore, was one of the hundred such final year students who sat for campus placements this season. Much like his fellow batchmates, he too was clueless about what IT companies look for in potential undergraduates and thereby unprepared.

Sughosh decided to seek help for his preparation — he felt he could do much better with the right guidance and training. He signed up for the Job Coach program and feels that it helped him explore career options that he was completely unaware of before. He shared a bit on his experience with the Job Coach and how it sets him apart from fellow job seekers in IT.

Hi Sughosh, tell us of a couple of challenges you faced while applying to IT companies?

Sure! I faced problems on two major fronts while preparing for my IT placements.

  1. I didn’t know what I should be preparing for: The computer science courses taught to us in college are vast, as is the case with most other branches too. Come Campus Placements, I had no clue about what courses I should be revising or the languages I should be practising. Should I concentrate on Data Structures or should I be focussing on Algorithms, I had absolutely no idea!
  2. My Resume wasn’t up to mark: I realised that while my profile was strongly built (decent CGPA, couple of projects under my belt, Soft Skills et al) I wasn’t able to showcase my skills adequately. Consequently, my resume wouldn’t get shortlisted often even though I had a strong case to make.

How did you come across the Job Coach program and why did you sign up for it?

I came across one of the community stories on the TapChief Blog, about how it is helping students land their dream job. I went on to explore the various Job Coaches on the platform, I found someone from a Company I was looking to apply to.

“I figured, who better to guide me than someone from the company I was applying to and so I said count me in”

Do you think your Coach was a good choice for you?

Definitely! My Coach was very knowledgeable and understanding. Understanding because he immediately grasped the areas where I was lacking and streamlined the entirety of my placement training. There were times where I couldn’t get across what I needed help with but nonetheless he understood my needs from our conversation.

Where do you think your placement training stands after the completing the program?

My Coach helped me with the two major challenges I was facing in my preparation. He told me the right courses and areas to focus on. He sent across a lot of relevant reading material and resources for me to refer to throughout my preparation. He also taught me how to best showcase my strong points in my resume (mention the details, technologies and skills you used, says he). He went on to suggest projects I should be taking up to build a strong career in IT and how to go about bagging them.

Which part of the program of did you like best?

I loved the Career Counselling Call the best.

“My Coach exposed me to career opportunities I wasn’t aware of before”

A single session with him opened up many new career avenues that I am actively pursuing now, avenues I wouldn’t have been aware of if I hadn’t taken the Job Coach program.

Do you think the Job Coach program will help IT graduates apply to their dream companies?

The Job Coach program definitely helped me out a lot and I would recommend it to anyone applying in IT for two reasons, the personalized approach and professional training of the program. There is nothing like it! Where someone from a company you want to get into takes their time out to understand where you stand and helps you get to where you want.

Armed with his training on TapChief, Sughosh is exploring exciting opportunities in IT. We wish him the best of luck and hope he lands his dream job (psst…we are sure he will ;))

If you too are someone looking to apply to Jobs in the IT sector, Sign up on TapChief now to get a personal Job Coach from your Dream Company.

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