Want to design one of the next wonders of the world, these folks can show you the way!

“Scientists study the world as it is, Civil Engineers build the world that will be”

“The Art of building structures of enclosed, functional or symbolic space for human use is called civil engineering.”
Zaha Hadid’s — Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The house you stay in, the bridge that you used to get to work today, the undersea cable network that is making it possible for you to read this are all projects designed and conceived by civil engineers.

Not only these necessities, civil engineers have brought projects into reality that define evolutions of human as a race. Architectural megastructures create a global footprint for a country.

Architects and Civil Engineers create infrastructure for civilizations to exist, flourish and evolve. No degree of intellect or scientific progress can optimally occur without the right infrastructure.

Frank Gehry’ s— Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Today, the architecture that seem to grab the public’s attention are landmark buildings, that are out to make a statement.

Whether if it is the curvaceous Zaha Hadid buildings or Frank Gehry crumpled paper forms or the crystal forms of Daniel Libeskin, these buildings are visually striking and bold. They embody the signature of a star Civil Engineer.

If your dream is to be remembered in history for having designed a landmark, here is a set of people the team at TapChief has put together who can guide you

  1. Rajat Hira- Senior Civil Engineer at L&T

2. Rahul Tyagi- Senior Structural Engineer at Petrofac India

3. Pradeep Sharma- VP- Projects at Energo Engineering Projects Limited

4. Mohamed Safin- Project Control & Planning Engineer at Alfanar Co

5. Bhavani Jena- Senior Consultant at Mott MacDonald

If you are still confused as to who to reach out to, e-mail us at hello@tapchief.com and we will help you find the right civil Job Coach for you.

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