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4 min readJul 6, 2022


To let more people get involved in our community and unlock the “Explorer” role faster, we are excited to start our next community event. Participants only need to complete some easy missions and submit information correctly, then they can level up and enjoy benefits.

Please complete the following steps to qualify for reward eligibility:
Step 1: Join the Tapio & Taiga Discord Server and verify your role
- Finish CAPTCHA
- React emoji to get the “Verified” role in #read-this-first channel
Step 2: Complete outlined missions
Step 3: ‼️ Verify Your Social Accounts ‼️ and submit the completed mission information

Event Details

Start Time: 15:00 July 6, 2022 (UTC)

End Time: 14:59 July 20, 2022 (UTC)

Reward: Up to 500 XP

Objective: Level up your Role (None → Camper → Trekker → Explorer) via our Discord server by completing missions

Benefits of Accumulating XP and Roles

XP enables you to level up your role. Members with an assigned role can enjoy the following benefits and perks:

  1. Eligibility to earn boosted incentives from airdrop campaigns
  2. Eligibility to be whitelisted for future public sales
  3. Access to early features and product launches
  4. Access to project merchandise and swag

How to Participate?

  1. This event is open to everyone in our Discord server
  2. Roles are unlocked by accumulating certain amount of XP
  3. XP is attained by completing missions outlined below
  4. To get started, you must join the Tapio and Taiga Discord server and link your social accounts here. Only use your verified Discord account to complete missions.

Once you have accumulated the XP requirement, you will automatically level up to the corresponding Role outlined below.

Mission Guideline

Mission 1: Follow Taiga Twitter and Quote tweet

  1. Follow Taiga on Twitter
  2. Quote Tweet the latest 3pool tweet below with $3USD and tag 3 friends (
  3. Submit your Quote Tweet link on the form page

Mission 2: Subscribe to Our Newsletter

  1. Visit Tapio’s newsletter and Subscribe
  2. Submit your subscribed email address on the form page

XP Schedule

We will verify your completed missions after the event has ended and assign your mission completion status upon verification.

Important note: if you did not verify your account via our Discord server, you will not be eligible despite completing missions. If you have been banned or left the Discord server before reward distribution or not got the “ Verified” role, your eligibility will be disqualified.

XP Distribution

We will run a query on all roles and wallet addresses by 14:59 July 23, 2022 (UTC). Qualified participants will earn XP once we finish with the query which means you won’t get the XP immediately when finished missions. Also no XP for chatting in our Discord, if you spam chat will be banned.

How to Verify your Social Accounts?

  • Click the “Authorize” button to connect your Discord to verify your account
  • Input your information for missions then finish the CAPTCHA and click the “Submit” button

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About Tapio & Taiga

Tapio is a synthetic asset protocol enabling efficient liquidity for staking, crowdloan and uniform assets. It is designed to remove liquidity silos by synthesizing different formats of derivatives into a highly usable synthetic asset on Polkadot. Taiga is the mirror implementation of Tapio on Kusama.

Tapio officially started in early 2021 when we received our first Web3 Foundation Open Grant. We are also the inaugural recipient for the Acala Ecosystem Grant. Our team is composed of engineers, financiers, security experts and serial entrepreneurs based in Canada, China and U.S.

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