New for Offerwall Plus! Permanent Currency Sales & Custom Exchange Rates

New Offerwall Plus features allow developers to better segment, target their audience to optimize the ad experience and drive engagement.

Dec 11, 2017 · 2 min read
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Tapjoy is pleased to announce the launch of two new features to Offerwall Plus: Custom Exchange Rates and Permanent Currency Sales. The new features expand upon the sophisticated feature set of Tapjoy’s Offerwall Plus and enable app developers to maximize ad revenue by customizing their monetization strategy for different user groups.

Custom Exchange Rates

Tapjoy’s new Custom Exchange Rate feature allows app developers to easily set different levels of rewards for different user groups. For example, a developer may offer new users 100 coins for completing a particular offer, but provide a more mature user 500 coins for the same action. As users progress, the items they will need to advance in the game usually become more expensive. It can be discouraging for a user to receive a 100 coin payout when 5000 coins are required to purchase a critical virtual good. By allowing developers to scale the payout accordingly for different audience segments, custom exchange rates help sustain ad monetization and keep loyal users engaged and interested in the offerwall. This encourages ongoing user engagement, provides more time to convert players into paying users, and prevents currency inflation by enabling publishers to avoid raising payouts across the board.

Permanent Currency Sales

Tapjoy now makes it easy for publishers to implement rules-based currency sales that target specific user groups on an ongoing basis. Currency sales are promotions in which users are given the chance to earn more virtual currency than usual for every ad they engage with for a limited time. With Tapjoy’s new Permanent Currency Sale feature, publishers can target specific user segments and automatically offer the promotion if a user meets certain criteria. Permanent Currency Sales can be used to achieve a number of objectives, such as incentivizing user loyalty, shortening time to conversion for new users, or re-engaging offerwall “churners”. For example, publishers could offer a special promotion only to users who have downloaded the app within the last three days, or those who have failed to engage with the offerwall for the past two weeks, or loyal users who have consistently engaged with the app every day for the past week.

For more information on how to make the most of these latest features, contact our team or download Tapjoy’s new Maximum Impact Report, “Tips to Maximize Offerwall Revenue During the Holidays”. Offering best practices on how to integrate, promote and customize in-app offerwalls during the holiday season, the complete report can be downloaded from


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