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Publishers Uncover the True Value in Users Who Complete More Rewarded Ads

Recent Tapjoy study reveals that as users complete more ads, they engage more, spend more, and are more likely to be an active user after 30 days.

This week, Tapjoy launched a new Maximum Impact Report, focusing on the effect of rewarded ads on user value. The report is the first of its kind on the relationship between the number of completed rewarded ads and specific metrics like in-app spend, engagement and retention.

Rewarded advertisements allow users to earn in-app currency or unlock content in exchange for engaging with advertising content. The report covers a detailed analysis of ten high-volume apps and revealed some insightful findings. For instance, users who complete 20 or more rewarded ads demonstrate 89 percent higher engagement, 76 percent higher retention, and an incredible 705 percent higher in-app spend than users who complete just five or less ads.

As Pocketgamer pointed out, users who complete 6–10 ads in their first two weeks spend almost three times as much on in-app purchases ($1.23) than those who complete 0–5 ads ($0.43). In light of the results and launch of the report, MarTechSeries featured Ben Chen, SVP & GM of Developer Relations at Tapjoy, saying “These findings negate the notion that ads take away from the user experience or distract the user from engaging with the app, or that rewarded ads may cannibalize in-app purchases. Rather, it shows just how important it is to expose users to ads early and them offer frequent opportunities to convert.”

For more details on the Maximum Impact Report: Exploring the Effect of Rewarded Ads on User Value, check out additional coverage in MobyAffiliates, AppDeveloper Magazine, BizReport, adotas and AdTechDaily.



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