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Tapjoy Is Your Trusted Partner In Mobile Advertising And App Monetization

Tapjoy Is A Mobile Ad Network & Monetization Platform

In-app advertising is a crucial part of any comprehensive marketing strategy. Advertisers rely on it to deploy contextually relevant campaigns to global audiences while its performance-driven growth capabilities make it an effective tool for the most data-driven marketing teams.

As the technologies that enable mobile advertising become more powerful, marketers and publishers are consistently presented with new opportunities to engage with their audiences. All you need is the right mobile advertising partner — and that’s where Tapjoy comes in.

What is Tapjoy?

Tapjoy is a premium mobile advertising network and monetization platform for the world’s leading advertisers and app developers. Brands and app marketers work with Tapjoy to deploy cutting-edge campaigns that leverage the latest in mobile advertising technology. Developers utilize Tapjoy’s comprehensive suite of monetization tools to generate the greatest possible value from their user base.

Tapjoy’s SDK has reached one billion mobile devices across the world, and we have no intention of slowing down. Tapjoy’s headquarters are based in San Francisco, with satellite offices located in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Chicago, Boston, New York, London, Seoul, Tokyo, and Beijing.

How does Tapjoy work?

Tapjoy connects advertisers with their ideal mobile customers through ads placed in one of the world’s largest networks of mobile games and apps. Our value-exchange ad products include rewarded ad placements and mobile offerwalls, which allow players to view ads and take desired actions specified by advertisers in exchange for virtual currency. Developers and publishers earn revenue on every ad shown, while advertisers connect with highly engaged, targeted audience segments. The Tapjoy SDK is integrated in over 30,000 mobile apps that serve more than 800 million active users every month.

What solutions does Tapjoy offer?

Our mobile advertising solutions let advertisers connect with their ideal mobile customers, while our mobile monetization platform empowers developers to maximize mobile ad revenue. We offer the following business solutions to our clients and publishing partners:

For Marketers & Advertisers

  • User Acquisition: Tapjoy makes it easy for mobile marketers and user acquisition professionals to connect with their ideal audience and grow their user base at a profit through a network of the world’s most popular mobile games and apps.
  • Brand Awareness: The world’s leading B2C marketers trust us to help them achieve their brand awareness goals through contextually relevant, brand-safe media buys. Our premium in-app advertisements reach audiences of all backgrounds and help leading brands capture mindshare in competitive markets.
  • Performance Marketing: We offer marketers a variety of performance-driven pricing models that help us align with our customers and work together to achieve the business outcomes that matter most to them.
  • Market Research: Our integrated market research solutions give brand marketers access to the single largest sample group of mobile gamers in the world. Our integrated research solution makes it quick and easy to surface actionable insights for priority market segments that lead to effective go-to-market strategies.
  • Creative Services: Tapjoy’s in-house creative department, Interplay Studios, is an award-winning team of design professionals that help our marketing and advertising clients get the most out of our products. With Interplay, we offer end-to-end creative support that ensures ads resonate with their target audience.

For Developers & Publishers

  • Game & App Monetization: Our comprehensive suite of mobile monetization solutions help developers generate more revenue from their apps through digital merchandising, dynamic app experiences and live-ops management.
  • Programmatic Ad Mediation: Tapdaq by Tapjoy gives developers and publishers the tools they need to optimize their ad inventory and ensure that they generate the highest possible revenue from their app portfolio using a hybrid mediation model.
  • Rewarded Ad Placements: Tapjoy’s value-exchange ad solutions make it easy for developers to monetize the majority of their players who won’t complete an IAP while fostering greater engagement with their virtual economies and generating ad revenue.
  • Mobile Offerwalls: Since inventing the mobile offerwall, Tapjoy has continued to innovate and refine it to become one of the most beloved and profitable ad monetization solutions available. Our offerwall let developers stimulate their virtual economies while generating some of the highest CPMs in the market through a variety of rewarded ad placements.

Since 2007, Tapjoy has received multiple awards and industry commendations. Here are a few recent examples:

Tapjoy helps our customers build memorable brands, scale app portfolios, monetize user bases, and engage valuable audiences around the world. If you’re a mobile publisher or marketer and would like to learn more about Tapjoy, visit our website and be sure to follow us across social media and on relevant industry databases:

For more insights into the world of mobile marketing, check out Tapjoy’s popular on-site resources like “In-App Advertising Cost — The Complete Marketer’s Guide”.



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