Tapjoy Named #1 Ad Platform by eCPM Rank

Tenjin’s Ad Monetization Report names Tapjoy the #1 highest generating eCPM platform for publishers.

Mar 15, 2018 · 2 min read
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Tenjin’s Ad Monetization Report, analyzing over $300M in ad revenue, has named Tapjoy the #1 highest generating eCPM platform for publishers, more than doubling the rank of the second ranked network.

With continued innovation in mobile advertising, an increasing number of publishers — even those focused on mid- and hardcore games — are relying on in-app advertising to effectively monetize. In fact, many depend on rewarded ad placements to fuel their in-app economies.

To help publishers navigate and better understand the performance of the monetization partners available to them, Tenjin analyzed more than $300M in ad revenue generated by over 1,400 mobile applications. The report found that Tapjoy was by far the #1 highest generating eCPM platform for publishers, with an average global eCPM of $13.62. Not only did Tapjoy vastly outperform all other providers, but it more than doubled the average eCPM of the second ranking network. In addition, Tenjin ranked Tapjoy as one of the top-performing platforms for overall ad revenue generation, commanding a large portion of the overall ad monetization market share.

The report also includes a number of other rankings that publishers may find insightful, such as:

  • Which country’s impressions generate the most revenue for publishers?
  • Which country’s impressions generate the highest eCPMs?
  • Which mobile platform (iOS vs. Android) generates the highest eCPMs?
  • Which app genres produce the highest eCPMs for publishers?

For more information, check out the full 2017 Tenjin Ad Monetization Report.

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