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The Mobile Marketing Association Release Buyers Lexicon for Mobile Video

MMA’s newest report is a comprehensive guide designed to cut through the jargon and offer clarity for all facets of buying and selling mobile video ads.

Do you know the difference between “in-stream” videos and “post-roll” videos? Can you explain what “in-article,” “in-banner” and “in-feed” all mean? And just what is a “lightbox” ad, anyway?

If you find yourself getting confused by the growing number of terms involved in the buying and selling of mobile video ads, you’re not alone. That’s why the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) recently released “The Buyers Lexicon for Mobile Video.”

The report is a comprehensive guide designed to make it easier and more straightforward to buy and sell mobile video ads using consistent language from partner to partner. It demystifies mobile video terms and offers clarity around the jargon to all parties, including advertisers, agencies, publishers, and vendors.

For instance, it describes value exchange ads — Tapjoy’s forte — as “A user-initiated mobile video ad that is viewed to unlock entertainment, points, music, WiFi, or other content or services. These placements can contain rich media features and often include a custom branded end-screen.”

Chock full of helpful visuals and clear, simple language, the report is a must-read for anyone in the industry. It was created with input from dozens of the key players in the mobile video space, including Facebook, AppsFlyer, Rubicon Project, NBCUniversal, Twitter, CNN, Google, and Tapjoy’s own Emily McInerney.

The lexicon is already available to all members of the MMA — just login to view! Not a member? No worries! Simply fill out the form on the landing page to request your copy.



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