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Scheduling a call with multiple people can be tough. You have your schedule, they have theirs. Finding the free spot really isn't easy. Now imagine they are in different time zones. You need to remember the time difference between all involved time zones. Your planning range now shrinks from 12 to roughly 2 hours. And now try and schedule a call.

We've been struggling with it for years because our team is spread across three different continents with clients on another two. One day after yet another midnight call from our overseas colleague we decided to fix this problem once for all and we created Shift.

Shift is an iOS and Android app which makes scheduling calls a breeze. Using its main features you will conveniently

  • schedule calls across different time zones,
  • send invitations to call participants from within the app,
  • use 3D Touch to create events right from your home screen,
  • know when you have free slots in your calendar and
  • see current time in selected locations.

Right now, we already have bunch of another features we want to add. So, stay tuned for new updates!

Basic launch details

You can downlod photos, mockups and icons in full resolution from our Dropbox. If you have any questions, you can contact us via e-mail or call +420 777 175 449.

Shift has been created by Tapmates. You can find more about us at and follow us on Twitter @tapmates.

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