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Last week Facebook announced they will begin rolling two monetization formats in Instant Games including in-app purchases and ads. At TapResearch, we were curious who’s playing messenger games so we surveyed over 1,070 mobile gamers to understand their usage, preference and demographics. Below is a summary of the results with links to the raw data for deeper exploration.

Respondents were sourced from mobile apps and games through in-app rewarded surveys powered by TapResearch. All respondents live in the U.S. and range from ages 13–65+ with even distribution across male and female genders. Participation in this survey was limited to only those that have used a messenger app at least once in the past 30 days.

Notable highlights from the study.

  1. 52% of respondents use a messenger app more than once a day
  2. 80% say they use Facebook Messenger the most
  3. 38% have played a game in a messenger app and 67% of those respondents have played a game in the last 30 days.
  4. 92% play games on their phone and 33% have purchased iAP in the last 30 days
  5. Awareness was the #1 reason respondents have not played a game in a messenger app

The survey consisted of 22 questions about their mobile gaming usage, messenger app usage, preferences and demographics. Below are a few results we found interesting to note.

Facebook Messenger is the app with the most usage across all age groups but when filtering to only 13–17 aged respondents, SnapChat was most popular at 53%.

A surprising 38% of respondents have played a game in a messenger app, of these, 67% have played in the last 30 days. Of the 62% that have never played a messenger app game, awareness was the #1 reason the have yet to play.

These gamers prefer social games vs. single play and Puzzle games are their current favorite genre.

When asked which game they wished they could play in a messenger app, “Football”, “Candy Crush” and “Pokemon” were among the top freeform answers.

Lastly, we wanted to understand the mobile iAP spending habits of messenger gamers as this may be the strongest signal to monetary success for developers of Instant Games. Of the 1,027 respondents that answered this question, 33% have purchased iAP in the past 30 days.

It’s worth noting that the majority respondents were F2P mobile gamers who opted-in to this survey in exchange for free virtual currency

Just for fun, we mapped responses by zip code across the US using Google Fusion tables.

Summary & Individual Responses (here)
Visual Chart Summary (here)

As usage reaches all time heights, the US is still in the early stages of messenger as a medium for gaming. Once Facebook successfully navigates Apple and Google policies, they can begin to offer compelling revenue models for developers that match the massive distribution potential. The consumer sentiment is clear among avid mobile gamers which should be a good sign for developers.

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