We are evolving! Tapmydata rebrands into Tapx



Hello. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of our new brand. Welcome Tapx!

A new brand with a new mission but the same user-focused web3 values. We are creating solutions that will make your web3 experience more accessible, secure, and rewarding.

In 2018, we started with helping users to reclaim their personal data and then earn from it. Now, our vision is much bigger. We are kickstarting a new journey that will change the ways in which projects and users engage with each other in the web3 space.

What’s to come?

Glad you asked! First things first, we’ve changed our brand name and logo. Say goodbye to Tapmydata, and hello to Tapx.

Why Tapx? Because we love that it implies all of the possibilities and partnerships that web3 has to offer.

We also changed our brand colours (let us know how you liked it in our Discord).

And, the most important thing is our new product, or should we say products, because we are working now on a set of tools for better connecting web3 users and partners in more secure, accessible and rewarding ways.

Tapx is now

And that’s not all, the web3 party never stops…

Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing more posts about Tapx, our new products and partnerships, and the community we’re building.

Follow us on our new Twitter and join our Discord to be the first to know about our new products that are coming really soon!

Most importantly, visit our new website at www.tapx.com and have a good look around.

Thank you to all our existing partners for your support and encouragement, in particular to Outlier Ventures and Polygon Network, who we are delighted to continue building with.

Onwards, with an exciting journey ahead.