New HoloMaps Store Edition

Release Adds Four Map Sources

A rolling stone gathers no moss,” a proverb written by Publilius Syrus (I had to look it up), pretty much describes the state of Taqtile these days. Once again, I find myself at the beginning of a solid 3 weeks of travel in support of our recently launched Manifest enterprise solution that will take me from Toronto, to D.C., to Orlando, and then to Las Vegas. But the big news today is that concurrently, our amazing dev team has been working around the clock to update to the HoloMaps Store Edition, which we released to the Windows Store today!

New 3D terrain from Virtual Earth

HoloMaps, which has been available to download in the Windows Store since last fall, could already take you to over 220 cities and landmarks in full 3D (compliments of Bing 3D), and just about anywhere in 2D. Now, with the new version, HoloMaps can take you anywhere in the entire world, and show you the terrain in 3D — we think this is pretty amazing!!!

Users can choose between 5 map sources, each with a variety of different map types. The sources include Virtual Earth, ArcGIS, MapBox Classic, and Thunderforest. Through these, users can experience map types with information including roads, national parks, trails, and bike routes, to name a few. The net-net is that HoloMaps now supports more than 30 different map types!

I’ll show you a few of my favorites.

Virtual Earth Aerial

The Grand Canyon

In this view, you can see the terrain and elevation anywhere in the world. Take a trip to the heights of Mount Kilimanjaro or the depths of the Dead Sea shores. With Virtual Earth’s Aerial map, you can gain profound insight into the sheer scale and majesty of our planet. Where previously HoloMaps was focused on cities & landmarks, it can now be used to visualize geographically-relevant data the world over.


The Hawaiian Islands

This map type, brought to you by ArcGIS from Esri, shows elevation beneath the sea. Most map types show the ocean as a flat blue surface, but of course there is also terrain below the waves. Imagine visualizing tidal current data over this map to determine where to place turbines for collecting tidal energy.


Oakridge, Oregon

OpenCycleMap, made available on HoloMaps through Thunderforest, was created by cyclists, for cyclists. Whether you’re looking for guidance while biking around the globe, or just looking for new and interesting routes in your hometown, OpenCycleMap is a useful tool. Furthermore, it’s a great option for city planners concerned with making an area more cyclist-friendly.

And, one of my personal favorites:


Vancouver, Canada

These maps go to eleven!

In addition to the new map types, we have also added map customization options. Users can now change the color and tint of the map, as well as adjust the vertical scale of the terrain.

Mount Kilimanjaro

These are only a few of the infinite combinations and permutations of location, topography, and map type, that can be experienced using HoloMaps. If you have a HoloLens, I hope you will download this new version, and have fun exploring the world!

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