The Moral Libertarian Manifesto

The Moral Libertarian Horizon Book

From the Moral Libertarian Manifesto:

“Liberalism* is the most moral ideology. Liberalism* will be left standing the victor, as long as it has not been completely killed by its authoritarian opponents. Therefore, our mission is to give liberal* ideals as much life force as possible. Such life force can only come with idealism, moral conviction and clear principles. We believe that the one core liberal* idea is the Equality of Moral Agency (EMA), i.e. each and every individual should have equal ability to live and act out their sincerely held vision of morality, and no outside force, no matter if it is an individual despotic ruler or the tyranny of collectivist pressure, should be able to diminish any part of this. This is in fact the only morally valid structure for society, because as inherently flawed human beings, none of us are morally correct all the time. Therefore, to be able to force another to abide by one’s moral values will inevitably mean forcing another to act in a way that is immoral at least some of the time.”

*Liberalism meaning as opposed to collectivism or authoritarianism, rather than leftist in the American sense.

The Moral Libertarian Horizon book series examines the moral libertarian ideal in depth, and examines its application over a range of topics such as free speech, freedom of conscience, the free market of ideas, the question of private property, and social justice. Moral libertarian cases against social engineering, victim mentality, identity politics and political correctness are also presented.

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