AccuGroup, a leading global supply chain quality solution provider signs a commercial collaboration with Taraxa

Providing maximum transparency for AccuGroup’s customers, who are the top automotive OEMs in the world

Steven Pu
Taraxa Project
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2 min readJul 12, 2021


For almost 20 years, AccuGroup has provided unparalleled quality solutions including consulting, inspections, and certifications to some of the world’s largest brand names such as BMW, Volkswagen, and Samsung. As the industry evolves, these supply chain ecosystems have become increasingly more complex, and AccuGroup’s team comes into contact with an ever-more complex set of stakeholders. To ensure that all critical interactions, especially transactional ones, are well documented, easily traceable, and all parties are held accountable, AccuGroup has selected Marinate to help track the thousands of informal interactions which occur during its normal business operations, helping to provide an extra degree of transparency to its customers.

“We’re happy to announce a commercial collaboration with Taraxa today to make our world-class quality solutions even more transparent and auditable, giving our customers added assurance.” said David Chen, founder and Chairman of AccuGroup.

“To be selected by a company of AccuGroup’s caliber is both an honor and market-validation for Marinate and Taraxa’s solutions and technology, we believe this collaboration marks the beginning of a much broader supply-chain offering for Taraxa.” said Steven Pu, co-founder and CEO of Taraxa.

Read more about the collaboration here.

About Taraxa

Taraxa is a purpose-built, fast, scalable, and device-friendly public ledger designed to track informal and unstructured transactional data to minimize business friction. Founded in 2018 by a group of accomplished engineers and academics, Taraxa has not only built a state of the art decentralized infrastructure, but also delivered market-tested application platforms to secure machine state integrity, and track everyday agreements between people.

About AccuGroup

As the world’s leading consulting and total quality solution provider, AccuGroup is committed to building a world-leading service platform. ACCU relies on its worldwide quality relay centers and after-sale service centers to provide integrated solutions to multiple industries along the global supply chain of intelligent manufacturing by virtue of its independently-developed TQS cloud data platform APP. ACCU has now become the world’s top consulting company engaged in global business management and quality management, Asia’s largest quality service company for the supply chain of electronics and automotive manufacturing, the first quality management company in China to serve globally-top automobile manufacturers, and the world-leading quality solution provider and successful implementer for the new-energy vehicle and electric automotive industry.