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Announcing Marinate Use Case Campaign!

Try out Marinate and earn rewards in crypto!

To continue our community building, we start a use case campaign for Marinate — our first flagship application on top of the Taraxa ledger built to simplify and remove the confusion from everyday informal agreements. Here’s the deal:

What is Marinate?

Wasting too much time coordinating trivial daily approvals? Working on a tight deadline? Tired of chasing people on Slack? Marinate is here to help you finalize daily informal agreements quickly and hassle-free. Forget about confusion and worry: whether it is lending money from your friends, getting everyone on the same page when working remotely, or tracking field reporting on construction sites, the app seamlessly captures and records every ‘yes’ or ‘no’ from every instance of communication.

The best part is that you don’t even have to install it - just keep using email or text. Be one of the first to try it out and earn up to 200 #TARA points!

  1. To create a record, navigate to https://www.app.marinate.io, or simply use your email:

2. Share the screenshot of the record on social with the hashtag #MarinateUseCase: ‘I’m using Marinate for X.’

3. From there, screenshot the record and submit it via the google form here.

4. Each valid record will be net you 100 points, and if you invite someone who is not currently on Marinate, it’ll add an additional 100.

Excited to see what types of records and use cases you guys come up with! Join today and get more exclusive perks from us!

To comply with recent SEC rulings, United States persons cannot participate in the giveaway. *



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