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Taraxa Project

Become more agile and increase revenue with Taraxa’s tamper-proof operational infrastructure.

Business software and applications for tracking operations.

Taraxa is a secure DLT-based infrastructure that offers services and solutions for tracing and verifying operational records to build enterprise-wide transparency and accountability. It solves the lack of trust between business stakeholders due to siloed ERP systems that rarely talk to one another and slow down business operations. The lack of data visibility also exposes companies to such errors as inaccurate supply predictions, manual errors, compliance violations, and counterfeiting.

Taraxa lets you streamline operational transactions and check the integrity of all operations at any point in time. All our business applications are made for keeping operational transactional data transparent and verifiable:

Audit logging.

System-of-records and tamper-proof chain of custody of all operational records to mitigate operational risk and the cost of resolving disputes.

Each data commitment is securely recorded — from input to output across the departments, companies, and international units.

Stored in a tamper-proof, traceable audit log, process audits can be easily accessed and verified by third parties and regulators.

Simplified transactions and cross-platform collaboration.

Exchange information, payments and commodities securely and seamlessly.

Make complex transactions automatic and visible.

Coordinate large, dispersed teams easier.

Identity and key management.

Cryptographically secured private keys to let the parties securely log in and authorize contracts eliminating the risk of signature forging and identity theft.

Conduct KYC checks faster.

Enhanced data security.

Lock your sensitive information and prevent data breaches.

Data classification and visualization.

Categorize your operational data more efficiently to locate and retrieve files faster.

Collect process data faster from stakeholders and partners both inside and outside your organization.

Share sensitive commercial data as securely as in a physical meeting.

Frictionless business and increased revenue from day one.

Whether you want to simplify your operational management and lower the cost of existing business applications or level up your business with the next-gen technology for enhanced transparency and trust, Taraxa delivers the following value props:

  • 100% process transparency and visibility
  • More efficient process management and assessment
  • A greater degree of alignment and agility
  • Faster communication with customers and partners
  • Reduced operational complexity and OpEx

Applications and microservices that use Taraxa public ledger provide greater transparency and trust for a slew of business use cases. Choose from our tailor-made applications, or build the one you need in a matter of minutes with Taraxa’s blockchain services. All our solutions work with your current stack, and you can quickly deploy your existing databases and applications in production on Taraxa:

  • Deploy with industry-standard containerization and Kubernetes orchestration.
  • All your existing dApps and tooling just work as expected, enabled by our fully ETH-RPC backward compatible APIs.

Learn more about how to get started with Taraxa at partnerships@taraxa.io.



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